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The concept of Vano Care is added in Greater Noida community after a deep rooted research of society needs after expending about 10 years among the residents. Our motive is giving you a “HAPPY AND HASSLE FREE WEEKEND”. You care for your family and we care for your House. We Save You Time:

  • We organise the right trades person with the right qualifications.
  • We ensure all maintenance work is completed in a timely fashion.
  • We organise key pickup and drop off.
  • We issue entry notices to inform your tenants of upcoming repairs.

We Save You Money:

  • We reduce creditor disbursement.
  • We reduce your bank fees and paperwork.
  • We conduct routine inspections of the property, reducing possible liability risks and allowing owners to budget for upcoming works.

It has not been long since I was under the hammer when my little one got his custom bicycle distorted. I was being nagged every single day by his sweet adorable voice to get that fixed; and the irony was no matter how hard I tried I ended up on the receiving end of that custom made bicycle company service officials how were nothing but a pain in the ass each time I tried to ring them and book an appointment with.

Whats even more annoying was the fact that they were pretty insistent on the fact that I bring the bicycle to them instead of them sending over a service man.

So in the end after about zillion calls and chasing them up nearly thousand of times they sent over someone to get this fixed and finally the bike was fixed and it costed me whopping big bugs.

That’s when I thought to myself being in IT I can sure come up with a service that is not only time saving but also cost efficient and so got together with some of my close buddy and designed and implement this website.

Looking for a quality and affordable constructor for your next project?